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We get asked many questions during the course of the year, here are some of the more frequently asked questions and my answers:

Can we keep our fish?

Our trips are primarily catch and release. I do allow anglers to keep up to two fish each in the 14" to 16" range. Side note, I do not kill and clean fish. We will under no circumstances kill a trophy fish, period. We are prepared to measure and photograph a trophy to ensure that a quality reproduction mount can be completed to commemorate a catch of a lifetime and recommend Shasta Fish Mounts.

What if we book a 5 hour trip and decide to fish the rest of the day?

No problem on my end, just tell me you are having fun and want to fish a full day, we'll apply the full day rate at the end of the day.

We are not very experienced anglers, is that ok?

Absolutely! Just get here and I will take care of the fun and make sure everyone who wants to catch fish is successful.

Where will we meet and what time?

I do most of my trips out of the 5th Street launch in downtown Lakeport. Most clients who are not spending the night will just meet me there. If you will be staying at a local hotel or B & B we will arrange our meeting place a couple of days in advance. If you are staying at a place on the water that has a dock I will try to pick you up on your dock. Time is dependent on your schedule, we will work that out in advance. Starting time in March is not the same starting time in July.

What about kids?

I really enjoy getting kids on the water who want to be there. Believe it or not, the youngest child I have had out on the boat was under a year old. Obviously he did not fish but the young couple from Montana wanted to fish and wanted to bring the baby along. It worked out quite well and I was impressed with their parenting skills!

Do you supply the tackle?

Yes, I am prepared to supply all tackle. If you want to bring some of your stuff let's discuss it, many of my clients bring a favorite rod/reel or some baits they want to try. I had one gentleman bring his fishing rod/reel that was older than me and he caught fish on them! If your tackle is not up to the job of the day, I will tell you. Live bait is an option at certain times of the year and is supplied at your expense.

We want to book you to set us up for our fishing vacation the rest of the week, is that ok?

Absolutely, and recommended in fact. This is not an easy lake to fish so let us take you out on your first day here and show you what is going on so you can spend the rest of your trip catching fish instead of scratching your head.

How long have you been guiding?

I started here as a part timer in 2003 and have been guiding full time since 2006.

Where should we stay?

I recommend the Mallard House Inn, Skylark Shores Motel/Resort, and Konocti Vista Casino/Resort all in the Lakeport area.

What do we need to bring?

Fishing licenses, sunglasses, sunscreen, seasonal clothing, snacks, lunch, any beverage other than bottled waters which I supply.

Do you guide on other lakes?

No. Over the past 40 years I have fished most of the popular lakes in Northern California from Mc Clure to Shasta including the Delta either recreationally or competitively, mostly the latter. My entire focus is Clear Lake and honestly when you have grown comfortable fishing this lake, everywhere else kind of pales in comparison.

My wife/girlfriend is a little nervous about fishing with a guide.

I am very comfortable fishing with a woman in the boat and have never had a lady on board who didn't have a great time. She will win, I can promise you that. One other thing, we know where the cleanest restrooms are located around the lake....

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