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RATES - Bring a Friend!

The new rates will be effective 9/1/2023 and do not change with dates already scheduled on the booking calendar, current gift certificates, or for anglers with deposits on the books whose trips were cancelled/rescheduled due to this current virus pandemic.

  • Short Trip (5 hour) or Normal Day (8 Hour) Trips. Deposits are non-refundable.
    • Single Angler: $80 per hour
    • Double Angler: $90 per hour
  • Gift Certificates Available


When Should You Come to Clear Lake California?

Couples go Fishing on Clear Lake CaliforniaThere are two fundamental truths regarding fishing on this lake: first, it is much easier to be successful during the week and second, the fish in Clear Lake respond negatively to boat traffic and fishing pressure. Tournaments and the corresponding practice periods prior to the competition takes a toll on the Florida strain bass and Saturday results will almost always be lower than Wednesday results.

Those of us with the luxury of living here and fishing the lake regularly have many of our best days during the week when the fishing pressure is light.

Why do we tell you this? You should be planning a trip with Clear Lake Fishing Guide Service during the week. We think that overall, Tuesdays through Fridays are the best days to be on the water.

The most common question we get is,”When is the best time to go for a big fish?” The short answer is on this lake, any time you are on the water fishing you have a chance. Spring and Late Fall/Early Winter are the two most productive periods for a good fish.

Spring fishing is obvious. The fish are beefed up to get through the spawn and the big girls are really big! There are many options and presentation styles open from live bait to big baits. The down side is the number of tournaments and overall fishing pressure.

Late Fall/Early WInter is getting to be a good big fish time. Mid October through the first week of December is a window of opportunity to target larger fish with live bait primarily that is getting better each year and also experiences much lighter fishing pressure.

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